Google makes wearable tech now a lot more wearable

Google makes wearable tech now a lot more wearable

Here's how...

Until recently wearable tech hasn’t been all that wearable.

The smartwatches we’ve seen so far have been a bit bulky and too futuristic looking to be considered truly fashionable, while smart glasses such as Google Glass look like something out of a sci-fi movie set in what we used to think the future would look like. But that’s all set to change – and it’s mostly thanks to Google (with a little help from its friends).

Here’s how…


Google Glass hooks up with Ray Ban and Oakley

Google Glass is an amazing gadget but it was never going to win any style awards in its natural state.

The web-connected specs deliver content to a tiny screen that sits above the wearer’s eye – offering everything from directions and web browsing to the ability to take photos, shoot videos and make calls. But with a curved metal frame that wraps around your face and head it’s been a tad lacking in the style department.

Now Google has made Glass more stylish by partnering with the firm behind Ray Ban and Oakley.

Italian eye-wear designer Luxottica will create ‘avant-garde’ designs for the wearable technology. Find out all about Google Glass and Ray Ban here.


Smartwatches get stylish with Android Wear

Although the first smartwatches were objects of desire for many gadget lovers, they weren’t that aesthetically pleasing.

Second-generation devices are an improvement, but they still essentially look the same as most other smartwatches – futuristic and square.

But with its new Android Wear operating system, Google is opening a Pandora’s box of smartwatch creativity.

Expect smartwatches of all shapes, styles and sizes made by various manufacturers that run on the same Google OS.

The two Android Wear watches launched so far, the LG G Watch and Moto 360 are completely different.

Will Findlater, global online editor at Stuff, said: “Android Wear is a platform that manufacturers can take and use in any number of different designs. Given that watches are primarily used as jewellery, variety and aesthetic appeal will be crucial to the success of smartwatches.” Read all about Android Wear on the Google Blog.