A laptop offers the best of both worlds – power and portability. Ideal for working from home or on the move


Laptop PCs give you most of the power of a desktop in a package that’s portable, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of computing wherever you are: at home, in the office or out and about.

The advantages

Laptops are relatively small and lightweight, so they’re just as happy sitting on a desk, on your lap, or on the end of your bed while you watch a DVD or catch up on TV viewing over the internet. They offer great value for money too, and this compact package includes everything you need – display, keyboard, webcam and touchpad – for working, playing and staying in touch. And, thanks to their built-in batteries, you don’t have to be near a mains socket to use them.

The drawbacks

Laptops aren’t as powerful as desktop PCs so, while they’re capable of most tasks, they’re less suited to power-hungry pursuits such as playing 3D games or editing HD video. If you do want to do these things with your laptop, choose a model with an Intel Core processor , such as the Advent Torino X600 or Advent Torino X700 laptops. It’s also trickier to upgrade a laptop – you can add memory, but that’s about it. The battery life is good but it’s generally short compared to less powerful tablets.

The options

When you go shopping for a laptop, you should look out for the processor , memory, hard disk capacity and screen size. Remember, the larger the screen the larger the laptop so, if you want to keeps things really portable, you’ll have to sacrifice screen space - choose the Advent Tacto for true portability, or one of our Advent Torino laptops if you want a reasonable sized screen. All our laptops include wireless networking, webcam and USB ports for attaching peripherals such as printers, USB thumb drives and even an external DVD rewriter if you need it.


If you don’t want your tech time to be tied down to a single location, then a laptop is the perfect choice. It’s powerful enough for everyday computing, but portable too, so you’ll have access to your documents, email and media whether you’re on the sofa or on a sun lounger.


All Advent laptops come with built-in webcams, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family via video-calling services such as Skype.

The new Advent Tacto laptop comes with a full 10-point multitouch touchscreen, allowing you to control your computer just like you would a tablet - tap, swipe, rotate and more.

Built-in components
Everything you need – including display, keyboard and trackpad (which replaces the mouse) – is provided with your laptop, so you don’t need to plug in the essentials.

You’ll have USB ports on either side of the laptop for connecting peripherals like printers, webcams, external hard drives and even a mouse, if you don’t get on with the trackpad.

All Advent laptops have built-in wireless networking as well as an Ethernet port (cable sold separately) so you can surf the net from anywhere in your home.

Display options
Your laptop display is fine for everyday use, but you’ll also find an HDMI port (the cable is sold separately) so you can plug your laptop into your HD TV, perfect for watching movies and internet TV on the big screen.