Netbooks are the perfect travelling companion – compact, lightweight and great value for money


Netbook PCs are designed for travel, providing you with a Windows 7-powered PC in a compact and lightweight case with everything you need – including display, keyboard, Wi-Fi and touchpad – for surfing the net and performing basic, everyday tasks.

The advantages

Netbooks are even smaller, more portable and cheaper than laptops, making them the perfect travelling companion. They can slip into your bag, and give you the ability to catch up on everyday tasks when you’re on the move. When you’re connected via a Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile broadband, you can stay in touch on the hop, too.

The drawbacks

Netbooks are much less powerful than laptops, so they’re not suitable for more advanced tasks like video editing or playing games. You might also find the screen and keyboard a little cramped but that’s the compromise for mobility. If you’re a film buff then you should be aware that netbooks don’t have built-in CD/DVD drives for playing DVDs, installing software or burning discs.

The options

Look out for a tough, lightweight chassis that will withstand the daily commute, if you're planning to take your netbook out and about. Also, a decent sized keyboard will ensure you don't hit the wrong key.


The netbook is the perfect choice for those who want a portable computer that’s equally at home surfing the net or providing support for everyday tasks. If you need more advanced functionality, check out the Advent laptop range.


Most netbooks come with built-in webcams, allowing you to easily stay in touch with friends and family via video-calling services such as Skype.

Built-in components
Everything you need – including display, keyboard and trackpad (in place of a mouse) – is provided with your netbook, so you don’t need to plug in bulky extras.

There will be USB ports (on one or both sides of the netbook) for connecting peripherals such as printers, external drives and even a mouse. There’s also a card reader for plugging in your camera’s memory card.

Netbooks have built-in wireless networking as well as an Ethernet port (the cable is sold separately) so you can surf the net from anywhere in your home.

Display options
Your netbook display is fine for everyday use, but you’ll also find a VGA port (the cable is sold separately) that allows you to plug your netbook into your desktop PC monitor – perfect for when you need a bit more screen real estate to work with.