Office 365 - Your office in the clouds.

Office 365 - Your office in the clouds.

We explain how Office 365 is perfect for work or home.

Office 365 allows you to take your office anywhere 

Want to pick up a work report on your home laptop, from exactly where you left off, and edit the same document as your colleagues at the same time?

With Microsoft’s Office 365 Home Premium, you can do both – and a whole lot more.

Microsoft Office has always been the cornerstone of computing. Home to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, we wouldn’t get much done without it.

But with Office 365, Microsoft has updated the software suite to reflect our increasing reliance on the internet for pretty much everything, and the growing trend for working outside of the office.

Here’s why it’s great for working on the go.


1) Finish work reports from the sofa

The rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the fact we can get online pretty much anywhere means we’re increasingly working away from the office, on the go and at home. Office 365 is designed with just that in mind. You can work when, where and how you please.
Save what you’re doing on your work PC to Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage, and open it up again from your laptop on the train or at home – continuing in exactly the same place.
When buying or subscribing to Office 365 you'll receive a chunk of SkyDrive storage for free.  


2) Work on documents at the same time as colleagues – from your own home

Who wants to stay late in the office for a communal look at a report?

With Office 365 you can do away with late nights punctuated by cheap coffee in plastic cups and say hello to putting your feet up at home.

That’s because with Office 365 you and your colleagues can work collaboratively on a document at the same time, all from the comfort of your own sofas.

Multiple people can make changes simultaneously, with the ability to add notes.


3) Work on documents on PCs that don’t even have Office 365

Need to get online to finish a report before deadline, but the only PC available has neither Office 365 nor older versions of Word or Excel? No problem.
Log in to your Office 365 account online and you can stream full feature-rich versions of Word, Excel and others to any PC running Windows 7 or later and access documents through Web Apps on PCs using XP.


4) It works on your tablet

Because we take our tablets with us everywhere, we can also take our work everywhere.
Office 365 can be installed on full Windows 8 tablets, while those running the pared-back Windows RT are able to access documents using the pre-installed Office apps on their device.

So just because you 'forgot' to take your laptop home, you no longer have an excuse for not making those edits your boss demanded for the following morning.


Office 365 Home Premium is available in 21 languages and 162 markets for £79.99 for a one-year subscription.