The Vega, perfect for commuting

The Vega, perfect for commuting

Our tablet has the chops to liberate you from a dull commute.

Why the Advent Vega Tegra Note is perfect for your commute

Looking for the perfect tablet to keep you company on your daily commute?

How about one that’s powerful, portable and comes with a pen?

The world’s fastest seven-inch tablet, the Advent Vega Tegra Note ticks all these boxes.

Expert reviewers at tech site Cnet said it’s extremely powerful, features a handy stylus for writing notes and has an extremely affordable price.

Here we’ll tell you why these features make it a great tablet for your journey into work.


It’s extremely powerful – so web browsing is fast

Get bored on the train into work? Why not while away the miles by catching up on the news headlines, checking the football scores and watching your favourite shows on Netflix?

The Tegra Note is the world’s fastest seven-inch tablet, so you can log onto the train’s wi-fi and do all of the above with ease.

Inside it sits the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor , which makes it more powerful than the Google Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone (according to Geekbench tests). If you want a tablet that’s smooth and speedy, the Tegra Note is the one.

A reviewer at Cnet said apps and menus and switching between tabs is “extremely swift” – great if you like to switch from Facebook to the football results to a gaming session.

Cnet said: “There’s no question that it’s an extremely potent tablet that, in power terms at least, easily outstrips anything else at this price.”


It’s good for working on the go

The Tegra Note is great for working on the go. It’s pocket-sized – just 9.4mm thick and 120mm long – so can be pulled out on the bus or train without annoying fellow passengers.

 It also has 10 hours’ battery life – enough to see you through the train ride home from a long meeting.

But what makes this tablet better than many others for working on the go is its handy digital stylus. With the motion of the train, typing onto a virtual keyboard can be pretty shaky – but with the digital pen you can just scrawl down the meeting notes as you would with a Biro and a pad of paper.

The stylus is designed to work solely with this tablet, and Cnet said this means it gives better performance than generic pens designed to work with any tablet.


It’s great for gaming

Prefer to spend your commute playing games rather than working? With a Tegra Note you can take your gaming out of the living room and onto the bus or train.

Reviewers at TechRadar and Cnet say the tablet is great for gaming. Again it’s that powerful processor behind this, delivering top graphics to the palm of your hand.

TechRadar said: “The Tegra 4 processor does a class-leading job in delivering top graphics performance along with exclusive visual extras over non-Tergra devices”.


Google Play has apps, movies and music aplenty

The Tegra note runs on the Android operating system, which means you can download apps, music, movies and TV shows from the Google Play store to watch and listen to as you hurtle into the office on the 8:05. You’ll find everything from HBO’s Game of Thrones to the latest Arctic Monkeys album – just a few taps away.


Your music will sound great

Whether it’s the latest Arctic Monkeys one or something a bit more vintage, you’ll find that whatever you listen to sounds good on the Note. TechRadar said music quality is “excellent through headphones” and added that the tablet’s speakers “surpass any other seven-inch tablet” and can go “pretty loud”.

It’s really affordable

Wanting to step into the tablet world without breaking the bank? As well as being the world’s fastest seven-inch tablet, the Tegra Note is also one of the most affordable. Cnet said the tablet has an “extremely affordable price” while TechRadar said the Tegra Note is “very good value for money”. If you’re looking for a tablet that’s powerful enough for gaming and web browsing, small enough to fit in your pocket and handy for taking notes on the way home from work, this is the one for you.

And it costs just £139.99. Find out more here