Create a photo calendar with

Create a photo calendar with

Create the perfect personalised gift with the help of and our simple guide

Ever since the first official Elvis Presley calendar went on sale in 1977, millions of themed calendars have been sold every year. About one-quarter of them feature cute animals, while another 27 per cent are plastered with glossy shots of entertainment icons. But before you reach for this year’s Cliff Richard or Hot Soap Hunks offering, ask yourself if your nearest and dearest would prefer something more personal. Thanks to websites such as you can easily create professional-looking calendars using your own snaps. Here, we show you just how easy it is.

1. Upload photos 

Go to to log in or register for a new account, via the ‘My Account’ button. Once you’re logged in, choose ‘My Calendar’. First, upload the photos you want to include in your calendar – you can add more than you need, if you want to, then narrow down your selection later. Click the ‘Add Photos’ button and you’ll be taken to the Easy Upload screen. Click ‘Add Photos’ again and find the snaps you want to use from your Picture folder. Once you’ve selected them, click ‘Upload ’ and wait for them to be transferred online.

2. Select calendar type 

Select ‘Photo Calendars’ from the top menu bar. You’ll see a number of available formats on the left of the screen. Browse to see what’s on offer and when you’ve found a template you like, click ‘Create Now’. We’ve selected the kitchen birthday calendar for this walkthrough.

3. Pick a theme and add photos

Now, it’s time to select the basic design for your calendar – offers standard templates or slightly more expensive premium layouts, if you really want to impress. Click on your chosen template’s thumbnail and you’re ready to start designing.

Adding the first photo is easy. Click the image you want to use and click on the green arrow to drop it into place. Check the smiley face to confirm your photo is of high enough quality to print at the size it’s displayed on the calendar.

4. Add your own captions 

You can add a caption by clicking on the sample text and typing your own words into the pop-up box. You can change the font as well as the size, colour or style, clicking ‘Close’ when you’ve finished. You can also edit the size or angle of your photos by double-clicking them at any time.

5. Customise each month

Once you’re happy with the cover, click on ‘Jan’ in the month bar and you’ll be taken to the next page. Go through the process again to add a photo and caption. You can also add variety to your pages: select the ‘Change Colour’ button to the right of the screen and choose from the available options. You can apply the changes to the entire calendar, or just one page, by using the tick boxes found at the bottom of the window.

6. Add personal dates and purchase

Make things even more personal by adding family birthdays or important anniversaries to your calendar. Click ‘Add text’, fill in the details and click ‘Close’. Now drag the occasion to the correct date on the calendar. Go through each page of the calendar, repeating the process for every month. Once you’ve finished, click the magnifying glass to see a preview of the entire calendar. If everything looks fine, click ‘Add to Basket’. You’ll then be guided through the payment process.