Gift guide: your Christmas shopping sorted

Gift guide: your Christmas shopping sorted

Take care of all your Christmas shopping without even leaving the house. Our gift guide is full of inspirational ideas you can buy online.

It seems only five minutes ago that we were all enjoying a genuinely great British summer, and now it's Christmas again! How did that happen so fast? If time has snuck up on you too, you might be wondering how you're going to get organised enough to get all your presents stacked under the tree in time for the big day. Or at least you were until you clicked into our gift guide for Christmas 2013. We've got all you need to ensure everyone is smiling come Christmas Day, with this perfect selection of presents, all of which you can order online. This should leave you with plenty of time to put your feet up and get cosy with a nice glass of mulled wine...


Advent Torino X100 (£299.99)


This addictive football game lets you take the hot seat at your favourite football club.

Advent's Torino range of laptops is made up of five models. The X100 is the entry-level option and it's perfect for anyone who wants a machine that can handle web-browsing, social media catch-ups, video viewing and perhaps the odd bit of office work. An Intel Celeron processor is teamed with a mighty 8GB of memory to ensure reliable performance, with Windows 8 running everything on the 15.6-inch screen. Windows 8 is a big step forward for anyone getting a new laptop, not least for its Start screen, which is full of useful apps showing constantly updated information, such as Facebook updates, the latest news or the football scores.


Advent Tacto 11.6" touchscreen laptop (£279.99)

Small enough to be truly portable, the Advent Tacto includes an 11.6-inch touchscreen

With its 11.6-inch touchscreen, this laptop is a genuine bargain. Windows 8 becomes truly intuitive when used with a touchscreen, and so the inclusion of one on this sub-£280 Advent Tacto ensures this is a gift that will delight anyone on Christmas Day. Inside, a nippy Intel Celeron chip works alongside 4GB of memory to ensure smooth performance even when running multiple programs, while a 500GB hard drive gives ample space for photos, music and videos.


Advent Torino X700 (£399.99)

This top-of-the-range model in Advent's Torino line of laptops offers fast, smooth performance. 

At the top of the Torino laptop range is this high-end option. It has some serious power, with a super-fast Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of memory, ensuring the X700 offers fast, smooth performance for more demanding computer users. Windows 8 is on board and a roomy 500GB hard drive means there's lots of space for all your media files. Useful additional features include the multi-touch trackpad, which makes it easy to swipe through screens or pinch to zoom in on pages. Best of all, this whole package still costs less than £400.


Advent AWC213 webcam (£9.99)

This great-value webcam makes a handy stocking filler for anyone who's looking to make video calls from their PC. It does all you need straight out of the box, coming with a built-in microphone and drawing its power via USB .


Advent DT3415 desktop PC (£699.99)

Get this high-end PC for someone this Christmas and you're sure to be in their good books all year round. The technically minded will be impressed by its Intel Core i7 processor , offering an 8MB cache and speeds of up to 3.9GHz. Everyone else will be simply wowed by the unflappable performance this Windows 8 machine provides on even the most demanding tasks. This is a great PC for serious gamers and its huge 2TB hard drive enables it to become the centre of your home computing hub.


Office 365 Home Premium (£79.99)

A gift the whole family can enjoy, Microsoft's new version of its ever-popular Office software can be installed on up to five PCs. But you're not limited to the computers on which it's been installed. Microsoft's cloud storage service, Skydrive is integrated so that your work is automatically stored safely online. Office 365 can be accessed via a web browser, which means you can reach your files from anywhere in the world. Along with all the usual functionality of Office, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, this also comes with 60 minutes of free Skype calls each month throughout the life of your 12-month subscription.


Football Manager 2014 (£19.99)

Do you know a gamer who's also a big football fan? If so, you won't go wrong with the latest release of this ultra-addictive football management simulator. Giving fans of the beautiful game the opportunity to take control of teams from all over the world, this incredibly realistic game is packed with new features that make it even more like the real thing. One word of warning: don't expect to see much of the person you give this to over Christmas!


Sandstrøm SHFJMC11 Mini Hi-Fi System (£89.99)

This all-in-one sound system can play music from practically any device you might own

This is a great gift for music lovers because it's so versatile. Not only does this mini hi-fi from Sandstrøm play CDs and DAB/FM radio broadcasts, it can also be used as a dock for an iPhone or iPod. On top of that, there are memory card and USB inputs, so you can play music directly from a memory card or pen drive. With its built-in speakers and bundled remote control, this all-in-one system is ready to go straight out of the box.


Sandstrøm S10DPF13 10-inch digital photo frame (£69.99)

Digital cameras have made it simple to take thousands of snaps, but the downside is that those photos can pile up in the far reaches of a hard drive, never to be seen again. This digital photo frame is a neat solution. Just plug in a memory card or USB device and a slideshow of your pictures is displayed on the bright and colourful 10-inch screen.


Advent Vega Tegra Note tablet (£179.99)

An android tablet with some serious power, this seven-inch model is great for gaming

This seven-inch Android tablet is a great Christmas choice for anyone who loves gaming on the move. Its power comes from a quad-core Tegra chip created by gaming graphics specialists Nvidia, which means it runs high-end tablet games without a hint of lag or juddering. That impressive performance is enhanced by the addition of a brilliantly responsive stylus that can be used for drawing, making hand-written notes or quickly selecting parts of a web page that you want to save. At only 320g in weight and with a thickness of just 9mm, this is a truly pocket-sized powerhouse of a tablet.