Install and use the KnowHow App Centre

Install and use the KnowHow App Centre

Install safe, rated software onto your computer the easy way

It can be difficult to find the right software to install on your PC. You need to be wary not only of quality and price, but also of your computer's security. The KnowHow App Centre takes the guesswork out of finding software – every app listed on it has been tested and found to be 100% safe for use. You also have access to user comments and ratings to help you decide what's most beneficial for you. Best of all, you don't have to have a degree in computer science to install them. To get you started, check out our list of ten free apps.

1. Check it's there

Start by checking to see if the KnowHow App Centre is already on your computer. Go to the desktop by clicking the desktop app tile in Windows 8 if necessary. If there's a shortcut to the KnowHow App Centre on your desktop, there's no need to install it and you can skip to step 3.

2. Download and install

Browse to the KnowHow App Centre page and click the ‘Download’ link. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow through the installation steps. If necessary it will download and install the Microsoft .NET framework, which is needed to run the program. Opt to add a shortcut to the desktop so you'll be able to find the KnowHow App Centre easily.

3. Register an account 

Launch the KnowHow App Centre by double-clicking its desktop icon. When the program opens, choose ‘Register’ in the top right-hand corner. Provide your personal information, including an email and a strong password. Ensure that you accept the terms and conditions of the KnowHow App Centre. Once registered, you will return to the main App Centre.

4. Select an app 

Browse for an app that interests you. If you know what you're looking for, you can use the search bar in the top right of the screen. Otherwise browse through the different categories shown on the left of the screen. When you find an app that you like, click its name to see more details. To install the app, click the button showing its price.

5. Install the app 

If the app is free, it will begin to download and install on your computer. If you need to pay, you'll be asked for payment information, including your address and card details. These will be stored for future use, although you can always edit them in your profile. When the installation finishes, you'll be shown a message confirming that it's complete.

6. Launch the app 

You can now close the KnowHow App Centre until you need to install another app. Check the desktop for a shortcut to the newly installed software. Double-click to launch the program, which will open in its own window. You can also open any installed app by browsing to it in the KnowHow App Centre and clicking ‘Launch’ next to its entry.