KNOWHOW guide to watching films online

KNOWHOW guide to watching films online

Enjoy instant access to blockbuster movies with the power of the internet

As internet speeds become faster and more reliable, online film viewing is now a more realistic proposition, and it saves a trip to the shops to buy or rent a DVD . In this article we'll look at some reputable sites for online content and explain how to watch films without interference.

The Knowhow

If you type ‘online film’ into your web browser, you'll see a huge list of websites – but how can you tell which are going to offer the best quality and range of films? Obviously, you need to use a reputable site with a reliable connection and positive feedback. However, it’s also important to get your computer prepared and make sure your internet access and speed are up to the job of streaming or downloading content.

Tips for a better connection

1. For disruption-free viewing, turn the screensaver and sleep mode off and mute background noises.
2. Sometimes having other software or applications running in the background can make the streaming of your movie slow. Close down all unnecessary programs and try again.
3. For the best viewing experience you should have an average 2 Mbps internet speed. Try running a test on it before you start streaming movies.
4. To watch films online, your computer will have to meet certain requirements e.g. Windows XP or higher. Look through the criteria on the website you're using to make sure your system is up to it.
5. Check that you haven't reached the download allowance set by your internet provider.
6. Keep your computer or laptop as close to the router as possible; the further away it is, the slower the speed. If it still isn't working, try plugging an Ethernet cable from the router into the device.
7. If the connection is slow, make sure the device you’re on is the only one using your internet connection. If you're using an internet café or someone else's connection, it could be that they have limited or blocked streaming of videos.

Top movie sites

Some sites only let you view their content after you’ve signed up so you need to choose carefully. Also, just because you're paying for a movie, it doesn't mean it's a legal copy: check to see that the website is allowed to use the copyright material on their site. Here are some recommendations for trusted online movie sites.

With KNOWHOW, you can buy or rent online films and TV shows without a subscription fee. Soon, you'll also be able to add many devices to one account, meaning you can watch films on your tablet PC, smartphone or TV. You can find out more information here

Not only do they offer DVD and game rentals, but they also have nearly 6,000 titles to watch online – letting you stream up to three movies at a time. There is also the option to stream to your TV (if it's compatible) or to watch films on your iPad. Prices vary, with lots of packages to choose from.

New to the UK, Netflix lets you stream unlimited films and TV shows for a low monthly cost. Although their database of shows is low, the streaming quality is high and they are expanding their list on a regular basis.
Hmvon-demand (powered by FilmFlex). This is a new venture for the retailer HMV, which lets you watch movies online or offline. Watching films offline helps users with a low connection speed. The difference with this service is that you pay per film and you're only renting them for a certain amount of time.

YouTube have refurbished their website, now letting you rent new film releases for 48 hours. You have to pay for most of the films, but they also include a range of free films to watch.